Biological Safety Cabinet - Model 222

Biological Safety Cabinet - Model 222 CHC LAB

CHC-222 A2 is a product of BSC Class II Type A2, which can protect effectively all of the researcher, product and environment. 70 % of the airflow at work space is re-circulated through the HEPA Filter, and 30% of it is exhausted to the outside through HEPA filter, and the polluted airflow is not leaked as perfectly surrounded by the negative pressure. Especially, the inclined front structure reduces the glares, or burden on the neck, arms etc.

Technical Specifications
General specification  CHC-222A2 
Model No. 3 4 5 6
Dimension ext. 1060 1385 1690 1995
D / mm  810
H / mm  1590
Dimension int.  925 1250 1555 1860
D / mm  615
H / mm  655
Color   Gray 
Door   6,38 mm Laminated glass 
Control panel   LCD digital display panel 
Material   SPCC / AL with epoxy powder coated 
Interior material (worktop)   Stainless steel 304 
Support stand   Carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping 
Avg. Inflow velocity (m/s) 0.53 (105fpm)
Avg. downflow velocity (m/s) 0.35 (70fpm)
Filter efficeincy    HEPA filter > 99.995% at 0.3μm  / ISO Class 5 

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