Centrifuges - Model 3-18KS and 3-18KHS

Centrifuges - Model 3-18KS and 3-18KHS SIGMA

SIGMA 3-18KS  

No. 10370 (220-240 V, 50/60 Hz), No. 10373 (120 V, 60 Hz)  

– Universal refrigerated table top centrifuge; speed range up to 18.000 rpm  

– Spincontrol S  

– Iluminated keys for start, stop, lid open  

– Various angle and swing-out rotors available  

– Maximum capacity of 4 x 400 ml down to microtubes with different adapters in the same bucket  

– Maintenance-free induction drive motor A microcontroller controls speed or gravitational field, time and temperature  

– Suitable for low speeds e.g. for cell sedimentation, accuracy +/– 1 rpm  

– Magnetic rotor identification prevents the rotor from overspeeding, active rotor identification  

– Stainless steel bowl  

– Imbalance switch  

– No need to open the casing for emergency lid lock release  

– Easy lid opening due pneumatic spring support  

– Window in the centrifuge lid for external speed control  

– Produced according to national and international safety regulations (EN 61010-2-020)  

– Motorized lid lock  

– Possibility of precooling the rotors during standstill Refrigerant CFC-free (R 134 a)



No. 10374 (220-240 V, 50/60 Hz)  

– heated version of 3-18KS  

– max. rotor temp. 40-60 °C depending on rotor and speed  

– Technical datas like 3-18KS  

Technical Specifications
 Technical data   3-18KS 
 Power consumption[W]   1010 
 Max.capacity[ml]   4x400 
 Max.speed[rpm]   18.000 
 Min.speed[rpm]   100 
 Interference suppression   EN 61326 
 HeightxWidthxDepth[mm]   355x630x600 
 Height with open lid[mm]   785 
 Weight without rotor[kg]   78 
 Kinetic energy max.[Nm]   22.989 
 Noise leve lat max.speed (approx.)   
 Rotor 12154 at 18.000rpm   66dB(A) 
 Rotor 11132 at 5.500rpm   60dB(A) 
 Max.acceleration rotor 12154[sec]   28 
 rotor 11132[sec]   20 
 Max.deceleration rotor12154[sec]   53 
 rotor 11132[sec]   12 
 Temperature setting range   -20°C – +40°C 
 Rotor 111325. 500rpm*)[°C]   <2 
 Rotor 12154 18.000rpm*)[°C]   <4 
 at 23°C ambient temperature