Dataloggers - Model ECOLOG TN4-L

Dataloggers - Model ECOLOG TN4-L ELPRO


• 4-channel temperature data logger

• NTC probes connected with LEMO connectors

• Temperature range with external NTC probes -50 °C..+140 °C

Technical Specifications
Measurement parameters   Equipment Process  
Temperature range   -50 °C..+140 °C  
Accuracy   ±0,2 in the range of 0 °C..+49,9 °C ±0,3 in the range of -15,0 °C..-0,1 °C and +50,0 °C..+99,9°C ±0,4 in the range of -30,0 °C..-15,1 °C ±0,6 in the range of -50,0 °C..-30,1 °C and +100 °C..+125,9 °C ±0,9 in the range of +126,0 °C..+140,0 °C  
Memory capacity   64’000 measurement values  
Alarm   On display, External  
Part no   2422 / 2422-Ex / 2422-W  
Connectivity   Local / not networked  
Number of channels   4

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