Digital Muffle Furnaces - Model FX and FHX

Digital Muffle Furnaces - Model FX and FHX DAIHAN


• Digital Jog-Dial Control System

• Users Self-Compensation Function for Temperature (+/-50°C)

• Ceramic Fiber embeded Heating Wire, 4-Side Heating

• Resolution : 1°C, 1 min

• Safety Switch for Door Opening

• Included Ceramic Fiber Plate

Technical Specifications
Model FX    FX-03    FX-05    FX-12    FX-14    FX-27    FX-63  
Model FHX  FHX-03    FHX-05    FHX-12    FHX-14    FHX-27    FHX-63  
Capacity (L)    3  5  12  14  27  63
Temperature FX    300°C - 1000°C  
Temperature FHX   300°C - 1200°C  
Heater    Kanthal A1, Embedded Wire Heating Elements, 4-Side Heating  
Heating Power (kW)   1,4 1,8 3,6 4 4,6 9
Time to be reached 800°C    16 min   16 min   16 min  20 min   20 min   23 min  
Timer & Alarm    99hr 59min (Delay & Continuous run), Error status & Timer-end 
Display  Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
Controller    Digital PID Controller with Jog-Dial switch (Turn+Push)
Safety Circuit    Over-Temp./-Current protection, Sensor Error Detection Safety Switch for Door Opening  
Material    Ceramic Fiber with Heating Wire-Internal, Powder Coated Steel-External Ceramic Fiber-Insulation  
Dimensions Internal (cm)   13x25x9   15x30x10   20x30x20   25x35x16   30x30x30   40x40x40  
Dimensions External (cm)  


42x53x55   48x55x66   53x58x62  


Power Supply   230V, 50/60Hz  

  Other models available upon request