ED Heating Immersion Circulator - Economy Serie

Basic models for routine and standard applications -20°C - 150°C for any bath tanks up to 50 liters

Basic models for routine and standard applications -20°C - 150°C for any bath tanks up to 50 liters


• Bright LED temperature display, resolution 0.1 °C

• Keypad for setpoint, switches automatically to the actual value

• PID1 temperature control

• Adjustable high temperature cut-out / dry-running protection

Technical Specifications
 Order No.   9116000
 Model series    Economy  
 Category    Heating Immersion Circulators  
 Working temp. range (°C)    20 ... 100  
 Temperature stability (°C)    ±0,03  
 Setting / display resolution    0,1 °C  
 Temperature Display    LED  
 Heating capacity (kW)   2
 Pump capacity flow rate (l/min)   15
 Pump capacity flow pressure (bar)   0,35
 Ambient temperature    5...40 °C  
 Dimensions w x l x h (mm)    130 x 150 x 330  
 Weight (kg)   3,3
 Classification according to DIN12876-1    Classification I (NFL) according to DIN 12876-1  
 Description    For temperature applications near or below ambient temperature: use a cooling coil or JULABO immersion cooler.  
 Cooling coil    optional  
 Usable immersion depth (cm)    8 - 14,5