Fermenter - Model Labfors 5 Lux Stirred Tank

Fermenter - Labfors 5 Lux Stirred Tank INFORS

The traditional Labfors 5 Lux Stirred Tank for photosynthesis applications.


• New: LED lighting

• Extremely adaptable

• Traditional stirred tank vessel

• Controllable light intensity

• Choice of light spectra

• Multiple applications

Technical Specifications
Total volume   3,6 L  
Working volumes   0,6 - 2,4 L  
Light   600 - 700 μmol/m2s (approx. 50,000 lux)  
Standard parameters   Stirrer speed, temperature, light, pH, pO2 antifoam/level, feed, gas mix, gas flow  
Additional parameters  

Easy integration of many online systems, e.g. extra sensors,balances,

external pumps: 4x Analogue In; 6x Analogue Out; 2x Digital Out

Advanced process control features via Iris software, e.g. regulated control of medium feed.