Fermenter - Model Techfors-S

Fermenter - Model Techfors-S INFORS

A simple step up an in situ sterilisation bioreactor featuring ease of use and touch screen operation. Techfors-S is equally  at home in both conventional laboratories and pilot systems.


• All around access

• Compact

• Intuitive user navigation

• Simple yet Flexible

• Low start volume 

• Comprehensive range of options

• Easy to use

• Complete

Technical Specifications
 Vessel size   7,5 L  15 L or 30 L TV  
 Sterilisation   In Situ  
 Temperature   Ambiant/coolant +5 – 70°C  
 Vessel types   316L;  Double Jacket  
 Speed - Bacterial Version   50 - 1200 RPM  
 Speed - Cell Version   20 - 300 RPM  
 Vessel Seal - Bacterial Version   Mechanical seal  
 Vessel Seal - Cell Version   Magnetic coupling  

 Gassing options -

 Bacterial Version  

Rotameter (options: mass flow valve and oxygene supplementation)  
 Gassing options - Cell Version   Rotameter and gas mix (options: mass flow valve)  
 Number of pump   3 (option: +1 pump)  
 Parameters   °C, RPM, pH, pO2, AF, gas flow, level, pressure, weight, feed, analog pump