Floor balances - Model BFB

Floor balances - Model BFB KERN

Weighing bridge with screwed on weighting plate (IP 67) and XXL display device, with EC type approval [M]


• Premium floor scale for demanding users: fast, robust, optimal, easy-to-read display

• Load cell steel, silicone-coated, IP67: Protected against dust and water splashes

• Thanks to its simple operation and checkweighing function, it is ideal for use as a checking and commissioning scale

• Access of pallet trucks - no problem thanks to optional pit frame and access ramps

• Option: Signal lamp for visual support of weighing with tolerance range (Checkweighing), KERN CFS-A03

• Rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time approx. 35 h, charging time approx. 10 h, must be ordered at purchase, KERN KFB-A01

Technical Specifications
 Model    Weighing range (Kg)    Read-out (g)  
 BFB 600K1SNM   600 0,2
 BFB 600K1NM   600 0,2
 BFB 1T-4SNM  1500 0,5
 BFB 1T-4NM   1500 0,5
 BFB 3T-3NM 3000 1
 BFB 3T1LM  3000 1
 BFB 6T-1LM   6000 2

   Many other models available upon request or visiting: www.kern-sohn.com