Hanging balances - Model HCB

Hanging balances - Model HCB KERN

The handy scale for higher loads up to 1 ton


• Ideal for determining the weight of suspended loads in small trade and commerce

• The entry-level scale in the load area up to 200 kg: In this weight range, this is the most affordable and space-saving way to weigh suspended loads

• Ideal for rapid checking in goods receiving and shipping, thanks to the varied options for hanging

• Thanks to the animal weighing function, it can also be used by vets.

• Compact so it can be stored in the vet's case and is ideally suited for heavy domestic animals

• Dimensions housing WxDxH 80x45x150 mm

• Also available with IP65 protection, see model KERN HCN

Technical Specifications
 Model    Weighing range (Kg)    Read-out (g)  
 HCB 20K10   20 10
 HCB 50K20   50 20
 HCB 50K100   50 100
 HCB 99K50   99 50
 HCB 100K200   100 200
 HCB 200K100   200 100
 HCB 200K500   200 500
 HCB 0.5T-3 500 1000
 HCB 1T-3 1000 2000

   Many other models available upon request or visiting: www.kern-sohn.com