Inline Dispensing - Model Megatron MT-3000

Inline Dispensing - Model Megatron MT-3000 KINEMATICA

Megatron® MT 3000 for through puts up to 15 l/min  

The MEGATRON® MT 3000 is our smallest inline / recirculation homogenization system for small scale feasibility testing prior to scaling up the process. This unit has a maximum throughput of 10-15 l/min.The high speed, 30,000 rpm motor enables higher rotor tip speeds which provides improvements for existing processes as well as being able to address other homogenization processes. These higher tip speeds result in droplet or particle sizes down to approx. 1 μm – depending on the sample’s properties.  

In addition, The MEGATRON® MT 3000 can be used with three different rotor/stator generators which provide differing throughputs as well as different final particle sizes. The working chamber uses a single mechanical seal which protects both the motor as well as the flowing product from contamination or damage. In order to keep the mechanical seal lubricated during the process, which is absolutely necessary, the system has an integrated pressure-less quenching system.  

• 800 Watt drive system with maintenance-free 3-phase high-frequency motor for continuous operation  
• Controlled via frequency converter in the control unit, connection to 230 V (115 volts using a step up transformer)  
• Electronic speed control and stabilization provides constant speed even with changing viscosities  
• Soft start and thermal overload protection provides safe overall operation  
• Variable, continuous motor speed up to 30,000 rpm with LED read out.  
• Noise level <75 dB(A) keeps overall noise levels in laboratory low.  
• Standard delivery includes in-line working chamber with single mechanical seal, quench vessel and NW8 tube clip input / output connections (other connections available upon request)  
• 3 different dispersion generators which are easy to exchange  
• All parts contacting the product are made of 316L stainless steel  
• Large selection of recirculation systems with disper-sion vessels and accessories  
• CE mark