Manual homogenizer - Model Polytron® PT 1200 E (Ecoline)

Manual homogenizer - Model Polytron® PT 1200 E (Ecoline) KINEMATICA

This handheld homogenizer is ideal for quick processing of small sample quantities and volumes. The ergonomic design and low weight of the PT 1200 E makes it easy for repeated usages with minimal fatigue. A stand is available for mounting the unit if so desired. There are many different styles of aggregates available from 3mm in diameter for volumes down to 0.01 mL to 12mm for volumes up to 250mLs. If cross contamination from sample to sample is a concern, we offer single use synthetic aggregates in 7 and 12 mm diameters. One of the more recent additions to our line is the PT-DA 20/2 X EC aggregate which was specifically designed for homogenizing tablets.


• 24Volt, 100 Watt low-voltage motor with safety transformer

• Analogue motor speed control up to 25,000 rpm

• Aggregate tips speeds up to 12 m/s produce the finest particles possible

• Soft start prevents splashing of homogenate from sample vessel

• Thermal fuse for overload protection

• Ergonomic, user-friendly design

• Aggregate replacement using one-handed quickrelease coupling

• Various models of dispersing aggregates which are Easy-to-Clean and for many different applications

Technical Specifications
Processing volume (water)   0,05 up to 250 ml  
Motor input power   100 W  
Speed range   stepless up to 25’000 rpm
Speed display (digital/scale)   Analog scale  
Motor type   Universal-Motor  

Sound Level (dB A)  

65 dBA  at 20,000 rpm
Connection voltage   90 - 230 V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60Hz  
Relative humidity (max.)  

80% during storage

80% during  operation  

Operating temperature   0 – 40 °C  
Protection class acc. to DIN   IP 20  
Dimensions (L x W x H)   Drive: 220 x 44 x 55 mm  
Weight   0,44 Kg  
Drive coupling   Aggregates with E coupling