Oven - Series SOF

Oven - Series SOF DAIHAN

DAIHAN ThermoStableTM SOF SMART Ovens, Forced Convection-type, 50-/105-/155-Lit. with Smart-LabTM Controller, 4¨Full Touch Screen, Fuzzy-PID Control, WiReTM Service, with Certificate & Traceability, up to 250°±0,3°C

Technical Specifications
ThermoStable SOF Standard Model Window Model
Model SOF-50 SOF-105 SOF-155 SOF-W105 SOF-W155
Capacity  50Lit  105Lit  155Lit  105Lit  155Lit
Interior (mm) 370x350x420 485x409x535 550x480x600 485x409x535 550x480x600
Dimension (wxdxh) 518x647x724 653x712x882 718x777x947 653x712x882 718x777x947
Heater Power 650 W 1,4 kW 1,6 kW 1,4 kW 1,6 kW
Temp. Range Ambient Temperature +5°C to 250°C
Fluctuation ± 0,5°C at 100°C, ± 0,8°C at 150°C
Sensor PT 100
Control Resolution ± 0,1°C
Controller  Smart LabTM Controller
RS232 Port Available to connect with PC
Display 4'' Full Touch Screen TFT LCD 
Timer 99hr 59 min (delay/continuous function)
Ventilation  Ventilation hole with Stainless steel Cap, Hole Diameter 40mm
1ea  2ea  2ea  2ea  2ea
Circulation Forced Air Convection Type
Net Weight (kg) 44 69 78 69 78
Power Supply  1 Phase 120V, 60Hz, or 230V, 50/60Hz

    Other models upon request or visiting: www.daihansci.co.kr