Pipettes - Model Profiller 425 and Stepper 411

Pipettes - Model Profiller 425 and Stepper 411 SOCOREX

ProfillerTM 435
Manual pipette controller  
Robust and easy to use, this model offers ergo-nomic shape and light weight.
It provides smooth control in both aspirating and dispensing, using glass or plastic
pipettes of volume up to 100 mL.  

• Large capacity bulb • Soft action lever button  
• Efficient blow out system • PTFE protection membrane filter • Maintenance free  
• Alternative colour coded nosecones  
StepperTM 411  
Repeater pipette
Highly comfortable pipette intended for reliable  
dispensing and high performance results. Unique  
trigger action pipette eliminates thumb fatigue.  
Selected materials offer outstanding shock resis-  
tance and compact shape greatly limit internal  
contamination. Up to 73 doses within large selec-  
tion of 53 different volumes.


• Activation with 4-finger instead of thumb
• Setting knobs bear clear indication of
• volumes and number of aliquots
• Only three positive displacement syringes, colour
• Self-locking mechanism
Ordering information ProfillerTM 435
 Cat. No.    Description    Packaging  
435,1  Profillermanual 435, egg style grey bulb    1 / pk  
Ordering information StepperTM 411
 Cat. No.    Description    Packaging  
411,5  Stepper 411, adjustable repeater pipette    1 / pk