Spectrophotometer - Model 7305 UV-Visible

Spectrophotometer - Model 7305 UV-Visible JENWAY


UV/Visible Spectrophotometer  

The 7305 spectrophotometer uses icon driven  

software and has an improved navigation system  

for easy and intuitive usability. This instrument  

has measurement modes for absorbance, %  

transmittance and concentration. The 7305 is  

ideal for applications similar to the 7300 which  

require measurements in the UV range of the  



• Wavelength range 198 to 1000nm  

• 5nm spectral bandwidth  

• Icon driven software  

• Press to read xenon lamp  

• Small footprint  

• Autologging capabilities  

• 3 year warranty including xenon lamp  

Technical Specifications
 Range    198 to 1000nm  
 Resolution    1nm  
 Accuracy    ±2nm  
 Spectral bandwidth    5nm  
 Absorbance Range    -0,300 to 2,500A  
 Transmittance Range    0 to 199,9%T  
 Photometric Accuracy    ±1%T, ±0,01A at 1,000 Absorbance  
 Range    -300 to 1999  
 Resolution    Selectable 1/0,1/0,01/0,001  
 Units    no units, %, ppm, EBC, SRM, mEq/l, mEq, M, mM, ìM, nM, U, U/l, U/ml, g/l, mg/l, ìg/l, ng/l, g/dl, mg/ dl, ìg/dl, mg/ml, ìg/ml, ng/ml, ìg/ìl, ng/ìl, mol/l, mmol/l  
 Factor    0,001 to 10000  
 Standard    0,001 to 1000  
 Calibration    Blank with a single standard or factor  
 Light source    Xenon lamp  
 Outputs    Analogue, RS232, Internal printer  
 Size (w x d x h), mm    275 X 400 X 220  
 Weight, kg   6