Spectrophotometer - Model 7310 Visible- Scanning

Spectrophotometer - Model 7310 Visible- Scanning JENWAY


Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer  

The 7310 uses icon driven software and has an  

improved navigation system for easy and intui-  

tive usability. This spectrophotometer builds on  

the 7300 platform with additional measurement  

modes for spectrum scanning, kinetics and  

quantitation. The 7310 is ideal for routine testing  

in clinical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and QC  



• Spectrum scanning across entire range from 320 to 1000nm  

• 5nm spectral bandwidth  

• Icon driven software  

• Small footprint  

• Autologging capabilities  

• Internal method storage  

• Results and method saving to USB memory stick  

• 3 year warranty  

Technical Specifications
 Range    320 to 1000nm  
 Resolution    1nm  
 Accuracy    ±2nm  
 Spectral bandwidth    5nm  
 Absorbance Range    -0,300 to 2,500A  
 Transmittance Range    0 to 199,9%T  
 Photometric Accuracy    ±1%T, ±0,01A at 1,000 Absorbance  
 Range    -300 to 9999  
 Resolution    Selectable 1/0,1/0,01/0,001  
 Factor    0,001 to 10000  
 Standard    0,001 to 1000  
 Concentration Calibration    Blank with a single standard or factor  
 Quantitation Calibration    Blank with up to 6 standards  
 Quantitation Curve Fit    Quadratic, quadratic through zero, linear, linear through zero, interpolate  
 Measurement time    2 to 9999 seconds  
 Kinetics Calibration    Blank with a single standard or factor  
 Resolution    Selectable 1/0,1/0,01/0,001  
 Kinetics Display    Graphical and concentration value  
 Analysis    Concentration, rate of change, initial and final absorbance or %transmittance  
 Scan Interval    1, 2 or 5nm  
 Analysis    Absorbance or %transmittance and peak and valleys  
 Method storage   240
 Results storage    Limited by USB memory stick  
 GLP    Real time clock & calendar, operator ID  
 Light Source    Tungsten halogen lamp  
 Outputs    USB, Analogue, RS232, Internal printer  
 Size (w x d x h), mm    275 x 400 x 220  
 Weight, kg   6