Vertical Autoclave - Model LVSA

Vertical Autoclave - Model LVSA ZIRBUS

Volume of 80 to 150 liters

Designed taking the most important aspects of sterilization in the laboratory into consideration:

Simple, through touchscreen control and low loading heights from 740mm.

Safe, through a pressure container with automatic cover seal, manufactured from high-strength and polished 1.4571/ AiSi316Ti stainless steel throughout.

Configured for a sterilization temperature of max. 143°C.

Sterility, through combined pressure and temperature control, inspected by an independent and certified test laboratory.

Efficient, through efficient insulation and a steam generator independent of the sterilization chamber, resulting in short heating up and cooling down phases.

Reliable, through the use of high quality components and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard requirements and the German Medical Devices Act (MPG.

Flexible and individual through its modular construction. The autoclave can be individually matched to your tasks and upgraded at any time also after delivery of the device.

Loading Capacity
 Model LVSA 40/60 LVSA 40/75  LVSA 50/60  LVSA 50/70
 500ml (Schott bottles)  2x13  3x13  2x22  3x22
 1000ml (Schott bottles)    2x9    3x9    2x16    3x16    
 Model    LVSA 40/60    LVSA 40/75    LVSA 50/60    LVSA 50/70    
 500ml (Erlenmeyer flasks)    2x8    3x8    2x14    3x14    
 1000ml (Erlenmeyer flasks)    2x5    3x5    2x8    3x8    
Technical Specifications
 Model    LVSA 40/60    LVSA 40/75    LVSA 50/60    LVSA 50/70  
 Chamber Capacity (L)   80 96 133 153
 Load height (mm)   740 890 740 890
 Heating power (kW)   6 6 9 9
 Electricity supply   380 – 400V, 50/60 Hz, 16 A       
 Effective Space (mm)             
    (Ø) 400    (Ø) 400    (Ø) 500    (Ø) 500  
    (H) 620    (H) 770    (H) 680    (H) 780  
 External Measurements 1-Door-Version       
 Width (mm)   550 550 900 900
 Depth (mm)   750 750 900 900