Water pre-treated system - Model Aquatron

Water pre-treated system - Model Aquatron STUART

Conversion to

pre-treated feed

Water Purification

A simple conversion kit is available so that the

Aquatron® water still can be operated from a pretreated

feed. Suitable sources of pre-treatment

are almost any model of deioniser or reverse

osmosis unit or a piped supply of treated water.

The pre-treated water is fed directly to the boiler

and cooling water is supplied to the condenser

separately. The controls ensure that pre-treated

water is supplied to the boiler automatically as

required, preventing overflow and costly waste. A

safety device is incorporated to protect the still in

the event of failure of the pre-treated supply. The

conversion kit can be fitted easily in a few minutes

to any existing Aquatron® model should the need



• Eliminates descaling

• Improves distillate purity

• Use with any pre-treated water source

• No loss of treated water